The Bible and Slavery

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The Bible is often disparaged by those who say that scriptures condone slavery.  The following article is an easy read and very illuminating.  The only point the author misses is that Christianity eradicated slavery from the western world twice.  Slavery disappeared from the Roman empire in the early centuries of church history.  It was reintroduced by the Spanish and Portuguese at the advent of the colonial era and again eradicated not by atheists, not by the elite class, not by the liberal churches, but by those right-wing fundamentalist types.  The abolitionists were the 19th century equivalent of the right-to-life movement, a small minority that was despised by everyone else.  By the way, in America, the abolitionists were largely unsuccessful with their political actions, their newspapers and their protests.  It wasn’t until Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin that the hearts of Americans were changed and then political actions, letters to the editors and protest gained traction.  There is a lesson here.

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